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1. Players must wear facemask at all times in the arena, mask will protect your face, eyes and ears, removing them only when instructed by Marshalls. Paintballs travel at 300 feet per second, that’s enough energy to severely damage your eye.
2. The marshals/referees will be monitoring, marshals can eject you from the game for breaking any rules of the field
3. Games will start with the sound of a horn. You will recognize it when you hear it.
4. Do not sit at your base when you hear it. Move out, move forward. Work in pairs.
5. You must be at your base to start the game.
6. Do not fire on anyone with their gun in the air.
7. The marshals will be using 3 signs on the field;
* The first is a neutral player: If you have any problems when you’re out there, problems with your gun, mask whatever – get your gun in the air and shout for a Marshall. He’ll call you neutral.
* The second sign, when we are finished checking your problem and if you are still in the game, marshals will shout player clean– you are now back in the game.
* The third sign is player eliminated, once you get a hit, you are out of the game

8. When you’re hit, don’t wipe the paint off and keep playing; this is considered cheating.
9. No talking/coaching team players once you’re eliminated.
10. Raise your arms and marker so other players know you’ve been hit. Quickly make your way to a safe zone to avoid being caught in the crossfire. Never fire after you’ve been hit.
11. No excessive firing on a player. If you think you’ve tagged a player and she/he has not left the arena, call a Marshall to paint-check the player. Do not continuously fire on the player till they are covered in paint. This stuff can hurt!!
12. If you are not being hit directly but being sprayed by paint, if the spray is larger than a coin, you’re eliminated.
13. Paintballs can hurt at close range, even with protective gear! Allow opponents the opportunity to surrender if you have a clear shot within a range of 17 ft (5 meters). If the player doesn’t surrender, aim for a shoe, gear, below the knee or padded area.
14. Always respect your teammates and opponents. No pushing, shoving, or any physical contact at all. Don’t bonus ball just for amusement. It only takes one solid hit for a player to be out. Shooting players multiple times unnecessarily is an easy way to discourage beginners from coming back.
15. No climbing of trees, structures, through windows or on bunkers. The only objects players are allowed to climb
16. No physical contact in anger of any kind.
17. No blind firing. Always look where you are shooting, you could accidentally hit the refs & own players.
18. Remember to raise your gun when you have a problem or eliminated and walking out.
19. Do not pick up paintballs from the ground and load them, it will gunk in the barrel
20. Do not open your hopper to check for paint. Shake it instead.
21. We are not liable for paintball spilled on the field by opening your hopper by self
22. From time to time check your hopper lid. Especially after a rough encounter.
23. Careful of the bolt. Do not get your cheek or finger in the way.
24. Any violation of the safety rules will result in the offending player being ejected from the day’s play without a refund

If you have any questions regarding any of the rules, please feel free to contact us.


All Players (public) must read and sign the appropriate Action Park Release of Liability Waiver form and present it prior to playing.

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